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Discoveroo- Great Range!!

Discover Discoveroo Wooden Toys, a relatively new Brand launched in October 2009. Designed to encourage creative play, they also help to develop fine motor skills, colour and shape recognition while making sure your little one also has fun.

Discoveroo Wooden Sort n Stack

The Discoveroo Wooden Sort n Stack for example is a beautiful quality wooden truck that carries coloured shapes with each disc having a different shape in the centre so not only do you need to sort the colours together, you will need to sort the shapes as well. 

Discoveroo Fruit and Vegetable Set Wooden

Discoveroo Wooden Fruit and Vegetables for the slightly older child teaches you how to cut your own fruit and vegetables with a wooden knife.  All pieces are held together with velcro so can be cut and easily put back together. Learn to cut your own wooden fruit and vegetables. Knife and tray included. Made from Plantation hard wood and felt. 


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