The Best 6 Toys To Help Your Baby’s Development

The Best 6 Toys To Help Your Baby’s Development

Playing is one of the most important activities parents can do with their babies. It not only helps with your baby’s brain development, but also can foster strong attachment in the relationship between parent and child. In the first 12 months of life, your baby undergoes enormous leaps in their development, and through play they can practice, enhance and explore these new skills.

Some areas where play can help your baby:

  • Physical and muscular development
  • Sensory development 
  • Social-emotional skills
  • Feeling loved, secure and happy

Choosing a toy that is appropriate to your child’s development stage is key. Here we list our Top 6 Toys for children from 0-12 months... 

1. K's Kids Chain an Inchworm

K's Kids Chain an Inchworm

The perfect toy for little hands with each piece being tactile and brightly coloured.  Encourages fine motor and logical thinking skills while putting the pieces together. Age 6m+

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2. Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

 Fat Brain Toys Tobbles Neo

Dynamic play potential, stack, topple, spin, balance, wobble, tilt and roll. Helps to develop fine motor skills, coordination, visual spacial awareness and tactile experience. Age 6m+

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3. Ambi Activity Case 

Ambi Activity Case

With 6 different activities your little one will need to press, slide, rotate, roll and pull. Helps with hand eye coordination, manual dexterity and cause and effect. Age 6m +

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4. Tolo Shake Rattle and Roll

Tolo Shake Rattle and Roll

Tolo Toys stimulate your child to learn and develop. Using hand eye coordination grip, turn, shake and roll to hear beads move around. A mirror at one end and squeaker at other adds extra activities. Age 3m +

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5. Heimess Rattle Cube Wooden

Heimess Rattle Cube Wooden

This Rattle is cleverly designed to stimulate your baby in those early months. Safe moveable parts which invigorate your baby and support their overall development. Age 0m +

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6. Infantino Snap and Pop Pals

Infantino Snap and Pop Pals

A fun way to develop fine motor skills. Good for grabbing, twisting and teething. Age 6m +

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