Toys To Help Children With An ASD Diagnosis

Toys To Help Children With An ASD Diagnosis

Types of play for children with ASD (autism spectrum disorder) can vary. Often customers visit us with a list following their first diagnosis or their first appointment with a therapist.

Recommendations may have been made for particular toys or games to help development in their child’s early years. We also are happy to give advice.

Before K and K, I worked at the Royal Blind Foundation, now Vision Australia and saw first hand all the obstacles children and adults had to work through, some with multiple disabilities. I observed results that therapists and others working with them could achieve using their skills plus aids they knew would help. This is why we are pleased to stock many fun toys and games that will help the beautiful children with special needs.

With many areas of play that need to be worked on, I will try to offer some advice on the value of certain toys and games.

Cause And Effect Games

‘Cause and Effect’ is where you need to have an action that will produce a result - like pressing a button to make something pop up, or winding a toy with a reaction that will encourage children to want to do it again. You can also join in and take turns with them, to help with sharing, turn taking, and social skills. And most importantly to have fun.

Toddlers With ASD - Toys For Creativity

Toddlers love to build with Building Blocks including Duplo. Let them be creative with the blocks- see if they can stack a tower or put their blocks in a line etc. Duplo, with its primary colours is great for imagination and helps to develop fine motor skills. And they may use Musical Instruments . Why not let them make noise with instruments if they wish? You never know, they might be a budding Mozart!

School-Age Children With ASD

Following Instructions, Social Games & Having Fun!

Once at pre-school and school there are many games that encourage turn taking, following instructions, social skills and hand-eye coordination. Importantly again, they will be having fun.

Some helpful books

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